Sunday, July 14, 2013

Split Me Up

Q. I have a large document that is composed of individual personnel files. They're all the same number of pages and I would like to send them individually rather than as one full document. I've been told there's a way to split these up on my multi-function printer scanner, but I'm not sure how to. Do you have any direction? — Tina

A. This was an interesting question because I've never heard of this being done, so this was a fun learning experience for me. Here's how you go about splitting a document up. On the scanner screen of the multifunction device, look for a feature called Divide. Press the button to enter the Divide function screen and here you will be able to supply the point at which the document is supposed to be split up. There is also a function to name each one of those divisions, because by default, the scanner will just use the internal numbering system +1 as it goes along. The function button you want to look for is Subject Title. Press to enter this function and you can then name the document. You won't be able to personalize the name each individual scan, but you can give it an easily identifiable code such as HR – 1. The scanner will then proceed to increment the numbers up until document scan is complete.

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