Saturday, October 20, 2012

Icon't See My Icons!

Q. I got a new monitor which sports a pretty high resolution. I'd like to keep the resolution settings, as I work with photos, but I really need to do something about the icons, I can hardly see them anymore!

A. Talk about the double-edged sword! Great resolution, but everything is so small, you can't see it. But man, is it sharp! Here's what I do to make the icons "visible". Right-click the desktop go to Settings. Click the Advanced button under the Display dialog click the drop-down menu. You can choose a couple of preset sizes or choose Custom to set one that may be a little closer what you need. You will get a scale using the current font and type size. By choosing a different size on scale, you can preview the size you like to use. I use 110% and that seems to be just about right on a 1400 x 1050 screen for me. If you want to change font sizes only, cancel out of this menu click on the Appearances tab. Here is where you make changes on almost all of the menus in Windows. To accomplish this task in Vista:

Right-Click the Desktop and choose Personalize.

In the left pane click on Adjust Font Size (DPI). Here you will have the same selections as well as the Custom DPI button down in lower right.

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